Welcome Jarelle Reischel as an athlete. Jarelle born in Frankfurt, is two meters tall, played in the Youth Basketball Bundesliga (NBBL) and for the german national team U-16, U-18 & U-20.



Welcome Elias as an athlete to our family 👊🏽



Welcome 360 BODY to ASPHALT. Pro athletic coach for increasing perfection in performance and pushing limits, we believe that together we can do something great.



Welcome Ronja Agorn as an athlete, she is WCMX Champion 2019 and plays for the U24 women’s national team. 🤙🏽



We’re happy to announce our partnership with MOVISION MOVEMENT. School for movement & material arts.



Welcome Martin as an athlete to our growing ASPHALT family. He is doing Parkour, Freerunning, MMA and more great movement stuff.



Welcome Anisa to our growing ASPHALT family. Anisa plays as well for Turkiyemspor Female. She is a strong young woman with a lot of good energy. 🖤



Our next athlete Zerina is a young local playing for Turkiyemspor Female.
Sports and doing stuff that makes the world better is important and necessary for her. Welcome to our little family 🖤



Paul Morant, new athlete at ASPHALT ATHLETICS. He is a big dawg, family men and soon coach at Berlin Rebels. Welcome big dawg 🤙🏽



We are still growing. Konstantin Konga is a german basketball player from Berlin. Back in the days as a junior for Alba Berlin and currently in Frankfurt am Main for the FRAPORT SKYLINERS. Welcome to our family. 🖤



The fam is growing. Happy and proud to announce that Linda is our next athlete at ASPHALT ATHLETICS. Being her self in the sport she loves. If someone says there is now way, show them there is one. 🤙🏽



We’re happy to announce our partnership with Berlin Rebels Sport-Club 👊🏽🖤



Welcome our athlete Julian E. Pennant fighting out of Berlin. We believe that we all together can move the world. Together we stand against racism. Welcome to our family! 🖤

Jonte Hauschildt and Paulin are two athletes of greatness at the sport of BMX. Jonte is now our first sponsored athlete at ASPHALT ATHLETICS joining at WCMX sports. They‘ve been friends for years in private and on the road, caring for and supporting each other. Welcome and much love! ❤️